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Anxious about an earthquake predicted to hit the Pacific Northwest, Journalist Roberta Aguilar goes to see a therapist. Dr. Chameleon is not Roberta’s first choice due to her questionable methods, but Roberta leaves the session with one solid piece of advice: to channel her anxiety into making her first documentary. So, over the next year, she interviews locals around Portland about earthquake preparedness to make peace with her own inner shakiness.

Casey Pfeifer, Creator and Starring

Casey Pfeifer, Creator

Casey Pfeifer is an actor, filmmaker and writer based in New York City. Her first feature film, Half-Quaked, co-created with Rochelle Muzquiz, won Best Comedy in the 2019 Oregon Independent Film Festival, as well as being nominated for Best Picture.

Casey is passionate about creating one's own work in this industry - telling stories and creating artistry that encourages an equitable world. She is focused on originating work that infuses comedy into serious individual and community perils, as a way to crack open and heal collective suffering.

Casey holds a BA in Theatre & Dance from Muhlenberg College with a concentration in Performance. She is currently co-directing and developing a new play centered on mental health with Between Two Boroughs in New York City.

Rochelle Muzquiz, Creator and Starring

Rochelle Muzquiz, Creator

Rochelle Muzquiz is an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker in Los Angeles. Her film Half-Quaked, co-created with Casey Pfeifer, won best comedy at the Oregon Independent Film Festival in 2019.

Whether she's playing a role or writing a script, Rochelle is drawn to material that is clever, funny, empowering, and/or challenges the status quo. Her scripts explore themes of work/life personas, self help, and unconventional relationships.

Rochelle believes that diverse representation in film and media is crucial to creating a more compassionate world.

She has a B.A. with a focus in visual arts, women's studies, and business from University of North Texas and is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

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